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Climate Emergency: Decolonization and Climate Justice


"There has been a shift, generationally, where younger climate activists understand this concept that there are Indigenous people, that Indigenous people have rights, these territories belong to Indigenous people, and that many Indigenous people are going to face some of the most severe consequences of the climate emergency."

~ Khelsilem, Squamish Nation councillor, Decolonizing Climate Justice

View the full episode, part of SFU's Climate Justice and Inequality: A Podcast Series.

Decolonizing climate change

Deborah McGregor (Principal Investigator, York University's Indigenous Environmental Justice Project) on centering Indigenous knowledge, laws, and ethics in climate action.

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Mcgregor, D., & Sritharan, M. (2023). Decolonising the dialogue on climate change: Indigenous knowledges, legal Orders and ethics. In S. Lamalle & P. Stoett (Eds.), Representations and Rights of the Environment (pp. 66-86). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108769327.005

Disabilities and climate change

First hand testimony from Gabrielle Peters to the COP 26 Panel on Disability-Inclusive Climate Action, relaying her experience during the British Columbia extreme heat event of 2021.

Indigenous climate strategies

Environmental justice reports and podcasts

How Empowering Women and Girls can Help Stop Global Warming, by Katharine Wilkinson of Project Drawdown.

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