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Climate Emergency: Climate Science, Policy, and News

The five truths about climate change: “It's real. It's us. Experts agree. It's bad. There's hope.”

~ Ed Maibach, George Mason University Centre for Climate Change Communication


Climate science

The following links provide science-based, accessible information on climate change, risks, mitigation and adaptation.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Th most recent key reports from the IPCC.

Climate policy at the local level

Climate in the news

Climate change is well-covered by independent and professional journalists in the following publications, many of which have a local focus. Where indicated, log in with your KPU ID when off-campus to ensure access to full contents.

Climate science podcasts

The following select podcasts are available on numerous platforms. Click the logo to find out where.

Yale Yale Climate Connections logoClimate Connections is a non-partisan multimedia service providing daily programming on climate

MIT Climate Podcast logo

TIL Climate Podcast from MIT Climate Portal

Canada's National Observer logo.


Race Against Climate Change podcast from Canada's National Observer.