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Fashion Marketing (FMRK)

Find Books/ebooks

Call numbers help you locate items in the library. You will always find related books shelved together so understanding call numbers can help you find many resources on the shelves.

Still confused about call numbers? See our  Call Numbers Demystified Guide!

Call number ranges to get you started:

  • N: Art
  • TT 490-695: Clothing Trade
  • GT 530-560: Costume History to 500
  • GT 575: Costume History Medieval 500-1500
  • GT 583-596: Costume History 16-20 century
  • GT 500-2370 and TT 490-695: Fashion
  • TT 490-695: Clothing Trade
  • TT 500-678: Garment cutting
  • TS 1300-1782: Textile industries
  • HF 5382-5383; TT507: Resume writing and vocational guidance


Search the Library Catalogue for books by entering keywords that decribe what you are looking for.

You can also search by author name, book title or subject heading.


Try entering the following subject headings (or simply click on the link):

Search tips

Use the Advanced Search screen

Combine terms to be more precise using the 'AND' command
e.g. clothing AND smart materials AND Canada

Find synoyms using the 'OR' command
e.g. international OR global

Use single quote marks to match multiple words exactly
e.g. 'protective clothing' (Note: Summon using double quotes)

Use shortcuts to find words with different spellings:
e.g. correction$ will find correction, corrections, and correctional (but not corrective)

Find the library subject terms for your topic
e.g. if you browse by SUBJECT for the keyword Taser (which is a brand name) you'll see that libraries use the term stun guns instead