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Physics, Applied Science & Astronomy

New Publications 2022

  • I Never Call it Big Band by Alessandro Bottino & Cristina Favero
  • Enigma of the Skies: Unveiling the Secrets of Auroras by Yohsuke Kamide & Yoshi Otsuka
  • The Spaceship Orion and Other Scientific Explorations by Jeremy Bernstein
  • Origin and Evolution of the Universe: From Big Bang to ExoBiology edited by Matthew A. Malkan & Ben Zuckerman
  • Between the Earth and the Heavens: Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences by Helge Kragh
  • The Science of Learning Physics: Cognitive Strategies for Improving Instruction by Jose P. Mestre & Jennifer L. Docktor
  • Physics in Crisis: from Multiverse to Fake News by Bruno Mansoulie
  • Randomness and Realism: Encounters with Randomness in the Scientific Search for Physical Reality by John W. Fowler
  • Everyday Physics: Colors, Light and Optical Illusions by Michel A. Van Hove
  • Newton . Faraday . Einstein: From Classical Physics to Modern Physics by Tadayoshi Shioyama