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Physics, Applied Science & Astronomy

Physics Websites

Astronomy websites

  • Astronomical Journal - publishers original astronomical research
  •  Astronomical Society of the Pacific --Educational Resources   - The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) has created this website to share key educational resources in the field of astronomy with educators, students and members of the general public.
  • Impact: Earth - Browse famous craters area.  Create a simulated impact of a large meteorite or other object hitting the Earth.
  • Lick Observatory Records Digital Archive - Located on the summit of Mount Hamilton in the Diablo Mountain Range, the Lick Observatory is a tremendous astronomical facility. This digital collection consists of 1,365 images, including  images of the "Great Lick Refractor," the 36-inch lens that has been part of many astronomica l discoveries at the Observatory.  Search by date, subject, or geographical location. 
  • Stellarium - Free open-source planetarium

Engineering Websites

Engineering Exchange: functions as a global educational networking community for engineers. The materials on the site are divided into eight primary areas, which include Groups, Videos, Images, Events, Blogs, and Resources.