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Government Information

Sources of information that either describe a level of government or are produced by that level of government. Primarily Canadian.

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Carleton University Library's Government Information Search

Basic search, for Canada only. For more advanced searching and filtering options, use the main Carleton Library Government Info Search Box. Reproduced with permission of creator, David Sharp, at Carleton Library.

About this guide

Government bodies are involved in almost all aspects of our lives. In order to govern effectively, they both collect and produce a LOT of information. This could be in the form of reports, statistics, legislation, and more.

Even though a lot of government information is available online, there is no single search tool that will capture everything. This is especially true for older sources.

This guide lists some tools to help you find information produced by about government bodies and their programs. These sources are grouped on the left by level of government because each has particular areas of responsibility, and specific search tools. 

Where else can I look?

Government information on specific topics can also be found on many other Kwantlen Library subject guides. For example: