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Government Information

Sources of information that either describe a level of government or are produced by that level of government. Primarily Canadian.

Quick Search

Basic search, all of Canada:

Note: This basic search is for all levels of government in Canada. If you want only federal-level sources, use the main Carleton Library Government Info Search Box instead. You will then be able to filter your search results by clicking on "Federal Documents" at the top of your result list.
Reproduced with permission of creator, David Sharp, at Carleton University Library.

Tools to locate information produced by Canadian government

Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament produces excellent briefing documents on timely topics.

Parliamentary information

How-to guides & background info
Hansard debates
Parliamentary committees

Federal gov't websites

For a quick introduction to the Canadian federal government, see the 'Government' entry in the Canadian Encyclopedia.

Digitized Collections

In addition to the digitized documents available through the Government of Canada Publications (DSP) catalogue, here are some other sources:

Monitoring federal government activity