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KPU Archives

When to transfer?

Records with archival value should be transferred to the Archives when they are no longer needed by the department or office of origin. 


Before you send....

Before sending documents to the Archives, please contact Denise Dale at to discuss the nature of the records and if use of the records will be open, restricted, require the permission of the office of origin, or if the records must remain sealed for a specific period of time. Access to records may be restricted in accordance with applicable legislation including the B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Preparing the transfer

  • Please box all files to be transferred.  If you need boxes please contact the Archives.
  • Keep office files in their original folders and papers within the file in their original order.
  • Time permitting, please remove:
    • duplicate copies
    • paper clips
    • staples
    • elastic bands
  • Clearly mark and number each box (including total number of boxes. i.e. 1 of 2, 2 of 2)
  • Include a list of files within each box and where possible include the date range of the materials covered in each folder (e.g. 1983-1985).
  • Complete the transfer form
  • Arrange delivery to:
    •  Denise Dale, Archives (Library), c/o Technical Services Department, 3rd Floor, Surrey Campus Library

What to send... What not to send...

Please send...

  • Documents as identified in the Directory of Records and Retention Schedule.
  • Examples:
    • Meeting minutes and agenda packages
    • Documents that record important decisions
    • Items of historical significance

Please don't send...

  • Personnel files
  • Grievances,
  • Student records (grades, appeals, etc.).

The Directory of Records and Retention Schedule can also help identify documents that should not be sent to the Archives. Please contact the KPU Manager, Records and Information for further assistance (


Tips! for Posterity

When creating any record, please record a date on it! It is surprising how often records, including important reports, do not include a date. At the very least, please provide a year.

Why remove staples?

Staples, paper clips and rubber bands should always be removed from documents. Moisture and humidity can cause metal paper clips and staples to corrode leaving rust stains on paper. Over time rubber bands degrade, become brittle, and sometimes stick to papers making removal difficult and leaving marks.

 If you want to learn more, please take a look at the following excellent resource:

Removal of Damaging Fasteners from Historical Documents from the Northeast Document Center.



Document damage

Staple damage