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Popular Science at KPU Library

A new collection of popular science books for you to borrow and enjoy.

The Popular Science Reading Collection at KPU Library includes the best new popular science books published  in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, agriculture/horticulture, psychology, health, and environmental studies. Selections are based on reviews from several leading newspapers and media outlets, including the Guardian, New York Times, and the Globe and Mail, as well as awards lists and readers' recommendations.

Books are available at various campus libraries. Click the covers below to place a hold on your pick, and we will send it to any KPU campus for you to pick up. All you need is a KPU card!

Want to suggest a title for our popular science collection?

Please contact me with the details of your suggestion by using the email below my picture on the left. I'll do my best to add it to our collection.

Happy reading!


Popular Science Books from 2023 @KPU Library

The Light Eaters

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER "A masterpiece of science writing." -Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of Braiding Sweetgrass  "Rich, vital, and full of surprises. Read it!" -Elizabeth Kolbert, author of Under a White Sky and The Sixth Extinction. Award-winning Atlantic staff writer Zoë Schlanger delivers a groundbreaking work of popular science that probes the hidden world of the plant kingdom...see more.

Signs of Life

What's to be done when only three spotted owls are left in Canada's wild? When wolves eat endangered caribou, cormorants kill rare trees, and housing developments threaten a tiny frog? Environmental journalist Sarah Cox has witnessed what happens when we drive species to the brink of extinction...see more.

Beneath the Surface of Things

"Wade Davis is a true wayfinder, and these essays offer new insight into his visionary approach to culture, landscape, and the planet he loves as fiercely as any writer working today."--John Vaillant, author of Fire Weather A timely and eclectic collection from one of the foremost thinkers of our time, "a powerful, penetrating and immensely knowledgeable writer" (The Guardian)...see more.

The Rich Flee and the Poor Take the Bus

How can we make society more resilient to outbreaks and avoid forcing the poor and working class to bear the brunt of their harm? When an epidemic outbreak occurs, the most physical and financial harm historically falls upon the people who can least afford it: the economically and socially marginalized...see more.

Every Living Thing

An epic, extraordinary account of scientific rivalry and obsession in the quest to survey all of life on Earth--a competition with continued repercussions for Western views of race. In the eighteenth century, two men--exact contemporaries and polar opposites--dedicated their lives to the same daunting task: identifying and describing all life on Earth...see more.