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Kwantlen Seed Library

A shareable collection of locally grown, open-source seeds available to all members of the Kwantlen community.

Donating Seeds to the Library

We only accept open-pollinated seed varieties for donation. Not sure what that is?

Open-pollinated plants are pollinated by way of any natural means (insects, wind, birds), and grown in conditions that do not restrict the flow of pollen between individual plants.

Hybrid varieties are produced using controlled methods of pollination, usually by breeders selecting for particular, desired traits. Hybrid seeds are most often commercially available, and may be labelled as F1. Seeds produced by hybridization may result in vigourous, first generation plants, but subsequent generations tend to be unstable and not true-to-type. Many hybridized varieties will not even produce seeds that can be harvested. Gardeners using hybrid seeds usually have to purchase new seeds every year.

When donating your seeds to the Library, please take the time to fill out the stamped envelopes and donation sheet located in the binder near the seed drawers. We especially need to know the year and location the seeds were collected, as the Library tries to ensure that seeds in the collection are viable, and not too old or grown in conditions that are very different from the Lower Mainland.

Your donations of open-pollinated seeds will ensure that the Kwantlen Seed Library, over time, will develop a collection of seeds that are adapted to local growing conditions, and shared among community members.

Please note: Unfortunately, for reasons of liability, we cannot accept donations of cannabis seeds.

Not successful at saving the seeds you borrowed? 

If you've had trouble saving the seeds, or experienced a difficult growing season, please consider donating a package or two of open or self -pollinated seeds from a local, commercial grower.

Look for small growers that use open-pollinated methods for ensuring seeds are true-to-type. 

Check the following for suppliers: