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Journalism, Communication Studies & News

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Library Catalogue Search Tips:

The most typical search in the Library Catalogue is a keyword search. Keywords are everyday terms to describe a topic.  A more precise search is by subject.  Subject headings are the agreed upon terms designated by the Library of Congress and assigned to each item in the library catalogue.

  • Books are shelved in alphabetical and numerical order according to the call number, a combination of letters and numbers on the spine.
  • Call numbers signify subjects,so books on similar topics will have similar call numbers and be shelved near each other


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Call numbers help you locate items in the library. You will always find related books shelved together so understanding call numbers can help you find many resources on the shelves.

Still confused about call numbers? Our guide may help!

If you don't have a particular book in mind, try browsing call number ranges.

Useful call number ranges  for Journalism and Communication Studies include:

  • P 87-96: Communication, Mass Media
  • P 94.7: Interpersonal Communication
  • P 95-95.6: Oral communication, Speech
  • P 99-99.4: Semiotics. Signs, and symbols
  • P 99.5-99.6: Nonverbal communication
  • P 301-301.5: Style, Composition, Rhetoric
  • P 302-302.87: Discourse analysis
  • PN 4001-4355: Oratory, Elocution, etc.
  • PN 4700 – 5650: Journalism
  • PN 4781: Reporters and Reporting
  • PN 4784 I6: Interviewing (Journalism)
  • PN 4901 – 4919: Canadian Newspapers
  • TR 270: Lenses - Photographic
  • TR 820: Photojournalism