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Kwantlen users have access to 245+ Research Databases.

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Business Research - Step by Step

Research process

Academic research is a multi-step process that doesn't always go in a straight line; you may find yourself returning to previous stages as you refine your topic.

Steps include:

Article Q & A

Q: What is a scholarly journal?

A: Scholarly journals (also called 'academic' or 'peer-reviewed') contain articles written by experts, for other experts.

See our Scholarly Publications checklist.

Q: What is full-text?

A: Full-text is the complete article. Some databases may only give you a citation to an article, meaning just the author's name, article title, etc. Others include the full article. A full-text article may be in HTML format (words only) or a PDF scanned copy of the original article.

Q: How can I tell if we have this article?

A: If you only see a citation, click on the 'Where Can I Get This?' link next to the article in your database search results. If Kwantlen does not have access to the full text, you can request a copy of the article through Interlibrary Loans (ILL).