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This guide is a selection of all the best resources, from the Library and beyond, for your research in Sociology.

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Books are shelved in alphabetical and numerical order according to the call number, a combination of letters and numbers on the spine.  Books on similar topics will have similar call numbers and be shelved near each other.

Browse the shelves for these Call Number ranges

E (75 -99): First Nations

H: Social Sciences - General

HM: Sociology, Social Psychology

HN: Social History, Social Problems, Social Reform

HQ: Family, Marriage, Children, Adolescents, Women

HT: Urban Sociology, Classes, Racism

HV: Poverty, Welfare, Aged, Handicapped, Crime

Who is the author?

  • holds an advanced degree in the subject covered by the book?
  • professional or researcher in the field?
  • is the author affiliated with a university / professional organization?


  • original research
  • literature review
  • advances research in discipline

Cited Sources?

  • bibliography / extensive notes
  • cites other scholarly sources
  • has an index


  • university press
  • scholarly publisher


  • uses terminology of the discipline
  • is written for other scholars / students

You are looking for academic / scholarly books for your research essay. Which of the following books would be acceptable?