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Technical Apparel (DETA)

This guide contains a selection of resources, from the Library and beyond, for your research in Technical Apparel.

Find Journals & Articles

Our Research database page offers you access to over 200 databases.

Start with these recommended databases:

Find out if KPU Library subscribes to a particular journal (print or online) by searching the Journal Title database.

Print copies are great for browsing and keeping upt to date with the latest news, products and technologies.

For DETA here is a list of recommended titles to get you started:


Outside (includes "Buyers Guides" typically published twice a year)

Performance Apparel Markets - Ask for it at the Checkout Desk (Richmond Campus). Online access as well.

Trek & Mountain

WSA: Performance and Sports Materials


And don't forget! The Library has access to many, many more articles through the article databases.

Find additional content online through journal and magazine websites such as:

When conducting research it is important to distinguish between journal articles and magazine articles. Journal articles are typically referred to as "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" contain articles written by experts, for other experts. Magazine articles are usually considered "popular" or "sensational" and are written by staff or freelance writers. Always know which type is acceptable for your research or if your instructor has indicated it is acceptable to use both types for your assignment.



Refereed or Scholarly Journal

Trade Publication

Popular Magazine


Has serious format

Attractive in appearance

Generally glossy & attractive format


Graphs and charts to illustrate concepts

Photos, graphics and illustrations used to enhance articles

Photos, illustrations and drawing to enhance image of publication


Cited sources with footnotes and/or bibliography

Occasionally cite sources, but not as a rule

Rarely cite sources. Original sources may be obscure


Written by scholars or researchers in the field or discipline

Written by professionals or experts in the field

Written by the staff or free-lance writers for a broad audience


Uses terminology, jargon, and the language of the discipline. Reader is assumed to have similar background

Uses language appropriate for an educated readership

Uses simple language for minimal educational level. Articles are short, with little depth


To inform, report, or make original research available to the scholarly world

Report on trends in  specific industry, business or organization; give practical advice

Designed to entertain or persuade, to sell products or services


Generally published by a professional organization

Published by commercial enterprises for profit

Published for profit


Contains selective advertising

Carries advertising, mostly trade related

Contains extensive advertising