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Technical Apparel (DETA)

This guide contains a selection of resources, from the Library and beyond, for your research in Technical Apparel.

Find Books/Ebooks

Search the Library Catalogue for books by entering keywords that describe what you are looking for.

Additional Search tips

Combine terms to be more precise using the 'AND' command
e.g. clothing AND smart materials AND Canada

Find synoyms using the 'OR' command
e.g. international OR global

Use single quote marks to match multiple words exactly
e.g. 'protective clothing' (Note: Summon using double quotes)

Use shortcuts to find words with different spellings:
e.g. correction$ will find correction, corrections, and correctional (but not corrective)

Find the library subject terms for your topic
e.g. if you browse by SUBJECT for the keyword Taser (which is a brand name) you'll see that libraries use the term stun guns instead

Call number ranges to get you started:

  • TT 490-695 Clothing Trade
  • GT 500-2370 & TT 490-695 Fashion
  • TT 500-678 Garment cutting
  • TS 1300-1782 Textile industries

Call numbers help you locate items in the library. You will always find related books shelved together so understanding call numbers can help you find many resources on the shelves.


Confused about call numbers?

Once you have searched the catalogue and found an item you want, there are two pieces of information you need to know to retrieve it:

  1. The Location: This will tell you which campus has the item, or if it is available full text online. Most items can be transferred to another campus through the "Place Hold" or "I Need Material" links.
  2. The "Call Number": Most items in the Library Catalogue are assigned a Library of Congress call number which is a combination of letters and numbers representing a subject. In our book collection you will find this call number on the spine of each book. You will always find related books shelved together so understanding call numbers can help you find many resources on the shelves.

where's the book

The following books from Woodhead Publishing are grouped by publication date range: current-2014, 2013-2009, and 2008-2000.

For the complete list click here

Publication Dates: 2013-2009

Publication Dates: 2008-2000

The library catalogue lists both scholarly and popular books.

To help you determine if a book is a "scholarly" title, use the following list to help you decide:

Who is the author?

  • holds an advanced degree in the subject covered by the book?
  • professional or researcher in the field?
  • is the author affiliated with a university / professional organization?


  • original research
  • literature review
  • advances research in discipline

Cited Sources?

  • bibliography / extensive notes
  • cites other scholarly sources
  • has an index


  • university press
  • scholarly publisher


  • uses terminology of the discipline
  • is written for other scholars / students