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Mahogany Chairs in Richmond Library

by Alison Horne on 2024-02-21T14:16:22-08:00 | 0 Comments

Richmond Library has new mahogany chairs on display!  These chairs, designed and created by Wilson School of Design students, are a collaboration between KPU and the Museum of Vancouver. In 2025, they will be on display at the Museum of Vancouver.

mahogany chairs sit near a library cornerclose up of a mahogany chair. The chair resembles a bench and is abstract

The chairs are created from recycled vintage mahogany wood originally harvested in Nicaragua and Guatemala between 1950 and 1970. Their creation follows an initiative of urban mining – gathering discarded materials from construction and demotion sites and turning them into new products. The material used for these chairs was discarded by a local ship building company and then donated to and stored by the Museum of Vancouver. The materials were then passed along to be used by Wilson Product Design students.

The mahogany chairs are located in Richmond Library across from the Service Counter. Drop by to view the display and read more about the design process for each chair. To learn more about the chairs and the Wilson students behind them, visit here.




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