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Data Services

Lists Canadian data sources available to KPU users, as well as tools for working with datasets.

Open Data

open access

"Open Data" is data that is made freely-available. Ideally, you should be able to use the data in any way you wish, but always check the data licence to be sure.

You'll find a few key sources listed under each of the tabs above. Many of the sources include both numeric and geospatial data files. 

Statcan Licenced Data (KPU login required)

DLI (Data Liberation Initiative)

Aren't all Statistics Canada files available for free now?

No. It's true that most data files produced by Statistics Canada are now freely-available to the public through the Statcan website. The Public-Use Microdata Files (PUMF's) can also be freely-downloaded from the Abacus Open Data collection

However, some of Statistics Canada's data files are not openly-available. Kwantlen users can access some of these additional data files thanks to our membership in Statistics Canada's Data Liberation Initiative (DLI). The DLI also provides a portal you can use to run basic analyses on the PUMF's, called the Statistics Canada Rich Data Services (RDS).

What's in the DLI collection?

DLI logo newThe DLI collection includes a variety of different data products, which are accessed in different ways and are subject to different licences. Please see the table below for a brief overview of the main parts of the collection. More detail on each will be added soon. 

table showing how to access various types of files in the DLI collection, and the applicable licence terms for each

Other Data Sources