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The Six: The Untold Story of RMS Titanic's Chinese Survivors

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Chinatown : Strangers in a Strange Land - presents a unique view of a unique place, taking viewers inside Chinatown to view the Chinese-American experience through the eyes of the people who live it every day.

The Chinese Exclusion Act - On May 6th, 1882—on the eve of the greatest wave of immigration in American history—President Chester A. Arthur signed into law a unique piece of federal legislation. Called the Chinese Exclusion Act, it singled out as never before a specific race and nationality for exclusion, making it illegal for Chinese workers to come to America, and for Chinese nationals already here ever to become citizens of the United States.

In the Shadow of Gold Mountain -  At the centre of the film are personal accounts of extraordinary Chinese Canadians who survived an era that threatened to eradicate their entire community.

Interviews With Survivors of Titanic Shipwreck -  Interviews With Two Survivors Of Titanic Shipwreck

Titanic : The Canadian Story - this film reveals for the first time the stories of the Canadians aboard through letters, diaries and first-hand accounts from surviving family members.