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UpToDate Point of Care Tool

Best Bet: UpToDate

This database is used throughout the Health Authorities in British Columbia, providing the evidence-based resources medical professionals need to support clinical decisions at point-of-care.

You will need to create your own personal account to access and use this database.

Find links below to short videos demonstrating how to register and how to perform a basic search.

Generally format UpToDate articles in your References list as follows:

  • Italicize the name of the database (instead of the journal title)
  • Look at the last update given to find the year of publication
  • Include a retrieval date, as content is continuously updated in this database and the information changes

Note: According to APA guidelines, you should DELETE the proxy information ( from the URL when copying and pasting it into your citations. However, the link won't work if you don't include it. So, if you are handing in an electronic copy of your assignment and your instructor wants to access the links in your citations, leave the KPU proxy in the web address, as above.