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Finding eBooks in the Library

Books and Web Resources for Background

Use one of these print books for background on your topic.Click on the title for location information.

Search our Library catalogue for books, e-books, videos and DVDs.

If you'd prefer to browse our print books, keep these call number ranges in mind when searching the stacks.

  • QD 1-65 General chemistry
  • QD 71- 142 Analytic chemistry
  • QD 146 - 197 Inorganic chemistry
  • QD 241-441 Organic chemistry
  • QD 450-731 Physical and theoretical chemistry
  • QD 901=999 Crystallography

Books in the library are assigned subjects, and these are searchable in the catalogue. Think of a subject heading as a "tag".

These textbooks are open and free!

If you prefer a print copy, you can print them themselves or we can help set up professional printing at a low rate.
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