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Canadian History

History Websites

  • British Columbia Archives   - holdings include: government documents and records; private historical manuscripts and papers; maps, charts and architectural plans; photographs; paintings, drawings and prints; audio and video tapes; film; newspapers; and publications with a strong emphasis on the social and political history of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.
  • British Columbia Digital History Collections   - a searchable collection of archival documents, photographs, books, and artifacts from the University of British Columbia: includes a Japanese Canadian World War II photo collection and several fishing and forestry photo collections.
  • British Columbia: Untold History Digital Timeline
  • The Komagata Maru   - In 1914 a ship of immigrants from the Punjab arrived in Vancouver's Burrard Inlet: the story of the ship's fate represents a pivotal incident in the history of Canada's immigration policies. This site contains both primary documents and images as well as secondary (interpretive) material.

Cities / Towns

First Nations / Metis

  • HÚY̓AT - Our Voices, Our Land; The Heiltsuk (also formerly known as the Bella Bella) are the descendants of Heiltsuk-speaking peoples of the Central Coast of British Columbia. Heiltsuk lives, learning, and history are intertwined with the lands and seas of their traditional territory. 
  • The Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture - This website is the most comprehensive attempt to chronicle traditional Métis history and culture on the World Wide Web and contains a wealth of primary documents – oral history interviews, photographs and various archival documents – in visual, audio and video files. 

Canada's Digital Collections / Library and Archives Canada

  • Nova Scotia Archives   - A very large and well organized collection of archival documents, letters, and images. Search under "Virtual" for popular topics.
  • Maritime History Archive   - Memorial University of Newfoundland

1867 & all that - the history of Canada from 1830 - 1885

Canadian History Ehx

Canadian History Podcast

Cool Canadian History - Canada's most influential events

The Secret Life of Canada - CBC podcasts

Today in Canadian History - relays a notable event that took place on each episode’s day of release. 

Ugandan Asian Migration: Forced to Flee - podcasts about South Asians who had to flee Uganda in 1972

Witness to Yesterday - Produced by the Champlain Society 

Don't believe everything you read. Ask some critical questions about every website:


  • Is the author easily identified?  - check for an "About us" link
  • Why should I trust what they say?  - check author's reputation in Google
  • Are they credible?  - look for relevant educational qualifications and professional experience


  • What type of information is provided?   - personal opinions? research findings?
  • Does the author cite sources so that you can verify the info?   - confirm in other sources
  • Are the sources scholarly?   - see features of scholarly journals


  • Is the author trying to sell something?   - watch especially with .com websites
  • Does the author or organization have a political or ideological bias, and only present one point of view?   - look them up on Google


  • How current is the information?   - look for sites that are updated regularly;  some areas can change rapidly, e.g. medicine, law


  • Is the site logically arranged?   - avoid sites with many dead links
  • Does the site look professional?   - not full of misspellings