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Research Help

The following steps outline an effective research strategy needed to complete an essay, class presentation, or a term paper in most courses at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Find Background Information

When getting started with your research, it is a good idea to get a general overview of a topic or gather background information. Background information may include facts, historical figures, timelines, definitions, origins, theories, events, and more.

Using Wikipedia for Research 

Wikipedia can be a good place to start exploring an unfamiliar topic. However, it is not an academic source, just a place where anyone can post articles. Editorial process is minimal, and the content changes frequently.  

  • Wikipedia is helpful in a variety of ways:  
        • Entries and embedded links can be used to generate ideas and learn the terminology associated with your topic 
        • They can help generate search terms to use for searching library databases 
        • Look at Bibliographies. These sources can point you to other resources 
  •  Wikipedia has some serious limitations:  

      • Avoid citing Wikipedia in academic research  
      • Do not believe everything as anybody can create and edit content to ensure credibility or accuracy