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Human Resource Management

Research Databases

Kwantlen users have access to 245+ Research Databases. Each database lists articles from a different set of journals. 

Start your human resource management research with these databases:

Additional Databases

HRM Journals @ Kwantlen

Kwantlen Library subscribes to a variety of journals both in print and online. If you're not sure if a journal is scholarly (often called academic or peer-reviewed), check our Scholarly Publications page.

Selected HRM Journals:


Searching for a Journal by Title

Find out if Kwantlen Library subscribes to a particular journal.


This will ONLY tell you whether Kwantlen users have access to a specific journal, and link you to a list of available issues. It will NOT search for specific articles on a topic.

For that, you need to use an 'Article Index' (also called a 'Research Database'). See the next box: 'Find Articles'.