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KPU Study Rooms

Using Springshare to book rooms

How to Book a Study Room

  1.   Login with your Student number and password.
  2. The booking calendar will display for the current date.

  1. To book a room on a different day, click on and enter the appropriate date. Remember you can only book 14 days in advance.
  2. Room capacity shows in brackets after the room number e.g. Room A2240 (6).
  3. Click on the start time of an available room.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
  5. Confirm the room number and time
  6. If you want the room for a shorter amount of time click on the drop down arrow
  7. To change to a shorter time frame click on the drop down arrow
  8. To pick a different time/room click on 
  9. Click on
  10. Read the Terms & Conditions and click on Continue.
  11. Enter:
    • Your name
    • KPU Student Email address. Only KPU Student email addresses will be accepted.
    • Your initials.
    • Whether your booking is for an individual or for a group.
  12. Click on
  13. Make sure to close the browser to end your session.
  14. An email confirmation will be emailed to your KPU email account.
  15. Do not delete this booking email.  If you later want to cancel your booking you will need to do so via the link provided in the email.