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Searching for a Journal by Title

Find out if Kwantlen Library subscribes to a particular journal. It's quick and easy - enter your title in the blank below.


Journal Search Code

Add this code to your site:

<div align="left" class="SS_TitleSearchForm">
<form action="" method="get" name="SS_EJPSearchForm"><input name="tab" type="hidden" value="JOURNALS" /> <input name="V" type="hidden" value="1.0" /> <input name="N" type="hidden" value="100" /> <input name="L" type="hidden" value="bd9yb3de2b" /> <select name="S"><option selected="selected" value="A_T_B">Title begins with</option><option value="A_T_M">Title equals</option><option value="T_W_A">Title contains all words</option><option value="I_M">ISSN equals</option> </select> <input name="C" /> <input type="Submit" value="Search" /> <input onclick="javascript document.getElementById('SS_CFocusTag').value=''" type="button" value="Clear" />&nbsp;</form>