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APA Citation

APA (American Psychological Association) Citation Style
When writing papers or creating projects it is important to cite the sources you have used. You may ask yourself When do I need to cite? or Why do I need to cite? Here are some reasons for when and why you need to cite. If at anytime you have obtained information from any source, you need to cite it. You need to cite all sources to avoid Plagiarism; to Acknowledge other people's works; to allow others to check your work for credibility.

Some examples of when you cite are:
1) Quoting - when quoting word for word another person's work
2) Paraphrasing - when using the idea from something you have read or heard, and you are writing it in your own words
3) Facts - when you find facts on a topic
4) Images - when you use images from a source (Google, Websites, Images in Books, Photographs)
5) Charts & Graphs - when you use any charts or graphs from a source (Google, Websites, Charts, Tables or Graphs in Books)