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Artificial Intelligence

How to acknowledge the use of AI

If you are permitted to use generative AI (e.g. ChatGPT) in your assignment, make sure to follow the instructions on how exactly you can use it and to acknowledge its use. We highly recommend that you include the following information when using AI generated content in your work:

  • Written acknowledgment of the generative AI tool used and for what purpose
  • The prompt(s) used to generate the content 
  • A note about your modifications
  • In-text citation and bibliographic citation  
  • Include the original output with your submission
    • Note: in the past, content created by ChatGPT could not be replicated, because an identical prompt will not produce the same response as before. This means that your instructor would not have been able to verify the result your original prompt created. There are now third-party tools such as ShareGPT and AI Archives that allow you to share the original output. These tools create an archive of the output and a custom link to it. You can include this link instead of or in addition to a screenshot or printout of the output when citing. ChatGPT now also has a link-sharing feature, but the link will not work anymore if you delete a conversation from your account.

Examples of written acknowledgments

Here are two examples of written acknowledgements, but please check with your instructor about their preferences. 


I acknowledge the use of ChatGPT ( to generate materials for background research and self-study for this assignment. I entered the following prompts on 7 March 2023:

  • Write a 100 word summary about the history of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Add two references.

The original output was adapted and modified for the final response. A copy of the original output is attached with my assignment .


I acknowledge the use of ChatGPT ( to refine the academic language and accuracy of my own work. I submitted my entire essay and entered the following prompts on 7 March 2023:

  • Improve the academic tone and accuracy of language, including grammatical structures, punctuation and vocabulary

The original output was adapted and modified for the final response. A copy of my original essay and a copy of the original output are attached with my assignment.

Adapted with thanks from Monash University