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Kelsey Chaban

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Kelsey Chaban
Interim Indigenous Studies & EDIA Librarian

MLIS, University of British Columbia
BA, Simon Fraser University

My experience as a Chinese person in Canada, my family and especially my grandmothers, have taught me the importance of family, identity, culture and history. My journey in libraries, and the library users I have met, have brought me to a place that values community, diverse voices and shared experiences, and the connections we can share. I am grateful to these teachers and the path that it has led me to.

I am a settler. I approach my role not as an expert, but as a learner and as an ally. My goal is to provide meaningful and thoughtful work towards healing and reconciliation, and to bolster Indigenous voices and the important work they undertake.

My role at KPU previous to this one was the Student Engagement and Community Outreach Librarian and involved engaging and reaching out to students and KPU’s learning community in the form of events and communication. My professional background has included supervising an Accessible Services unit in a public library and as a Community Outreach Librarian who has served underrepresented communities and peoples.

My goal as the EDIA Librarian is to provide leadership and support towards work that enables better access, addresses barriers, improves experiences and increases the usability of the library to our users.

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