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animation image by @danpetrov from Unsplash

Online Resources

Animation Nation

An animation industry site with articles, forums, resource links, and more.

Animator's Resource Kit

A place built and contributed to by the animation community and allows ease of access to useful assets and resources such as links to forums, communities, competitions, rigs, tools and places to submit work.

Big Cartoon Database 

 Large compilation of animated film information -Find information on TV series episode guides, cast and crew information, and animated film lists with online pictures and videos.

Cartoon Brew

A comprehensive animation news site.

Free Sound

A collaborative database of audio samples that are free to use and remix.

Streaming Media

Internet Archive: Animation and Cartoons

A collection of freely available animated films, from classic cartoons to computer animation and beyond. Animation

The animation collection of Videoart, an international network for video artists and experimental filmmakers.

VIMEO Animation

Vimeo is a popular platform for animators to share and discover work - Find animation craft, style, and character design videos.

Streaming Videos from KPU:

Journals + Magazines



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Key Databases

Library databases are online resources you can search to find reliable information from trusted sources. Find journal articles that touch on topics such as: animations & animated films, culture explorations, animation techniques & tools, and more.