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KPU Faculty Picks for Diving into the Disciplines

Writing and Workshopping Poetry: A Constructive Introduction

This is a contemporary book with great explanations of the tools many poets use in their craft. And there are writing exercises and prompts so poets can practice the skills they're learning. Pair it with Mary Oliver's 'A Poetry Handbook' and you'll have, at your fingertips, a strong sense of how poets do the magical things they do with words.

~ Aislinn Hunter, Creative Writing

This Wound is a World: Poems

I found this This Wound is a World an insightful, deeply intelligent and deeply felt book of poems. Written by one of the finest queer Indigenous authors writing today. Breathtaking work.

~ Nicola Harwood, Creative Writing and IDEAS

Craft in the Real World

This is a great introductory text for beginning writers but also a indispensable guide for writers at all levels in considering craft and the ethics of writing and workshopping.

~ Jen Currin, Creative Writing

Uninhabiting the Violence of Silencing: Activations of Creativity, Ethics and Resistance

This book strongly challenges colonial thinking, disciplines and genres. It is written in a very open and thoughtful, lucid and accountable manner. Uninhabiting decolonizes as well as weaves together the ethical, creative, spiritual and political with honesty, sensitivity and rare insight. The poetry, essays and artwork richly inform each other. All in all, a deeply humane, brilliant and moving creation, relevant not only for many academic inter/disciplinary areas, but to anyone with a commitment to deepening individual and collective conscience, reflectivity, connection, community and justice.

~ Anonymous, IDEA

Sudden Fiction International

This anthology is a wide-ranging, international introduction to the short-short story form, full of hidden gems and surprising narratives from Japan, Argentina, India, and elsewhere.

~ Jen Currin, Creative Writing

Sister Outsider

Like Fabiola Nabil Naguib and Chrystos' work, if you are looking for a depthful and transformative decolonial, non-eurocentric purview of life and community-centred creativity that carries profound implications not only for the academy but for society at large, this collection of essays remains a mind, heart and soul.

~ Anonymous, IDEA