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British History

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Welcome to the subject guide for British History! It is intended as an introduction to the resources the Library contains to help you with your research in this area. For information about Library resources for the history of other countries and areas please see:  the World History GuideCanadian History GuideChinese History Guide; Japanese HistoryMedieval History Guide

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Call numbers are like a book's address on the shelf - they help you locate items in the library. You will always find books shelved together by subject so understanding call numbers can help you find many resources on the shelves. Your Kwantlen library  - like most academic libraries worldwide - uses an alpha-numeric (letter and number) system to arrange books on the shelf.

DA: British History  DA 774.5 S27 2011

Locating a book is a progressive process: for example, to find a book with the call number DA 774.5 S27 2011 follow these steps.

DA first find the call numbers starting with D: following that will be DA, DB, DC etc

   774.5 now start looking for the number, starting with 1 and working your way up to 256

      S  → now start looking for the next letter, starting with A, B, C, etc.

         27 → now start looking for the next number, starting with 1 and working your way up to 4,613

            2011  → the year the book was published

The Location: This will tell you which campus has the item, or if it is available full text online. Most items can be transferred to another campus through the "Place Hold" links.

Reference books and circulating books are shelved separately. In the Surrey library reference books are on the ground floor and circulating books are on the second floor.

Who is the author?

  • holds an advanced degree in the subject covered by the book?
  • professional or researcher in the field?
  • is the author affiliated with a university / professional organization?


  • original research
  • literature review
  • advances research in discipline

Cited Sources?

  • bibliography / extensive notes
  • cites other scholarly sources
  • has an index


  • university press
  • scholarly publisher


  • uses terminology of the discipline
  • is written for other scholars / students