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ARTS 1100 (Theme: Food)

Importance of citing sources

Whenever you use another person's ideas or words, you must give them credit. You do this by CITING the source you used in two places:

  1. First, you give a brief in-text citation right in (or after) the sentence where you mention the idea or words.
  2. Then, you provide a detailed reference at the end of your document so that whoever reads it will be able to locate the exact source you used. 

Citing your sources properly shows that you have done your research and consulted appropriate sources for your topic. It also acknowledges that all research builds on work that has come before. You are giving credit to sources that have influenced or informed your work. If you do not do this, you are essentially stealing another person's ideas, which is plagiarism.

APA Citation Style

Different scholarly disciplines follow different 'rules' to format citations. For ARTS 1100, you will be using the APA citation style.