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Educational Studies

Library Catalogue - Finding items @ KPU


Books are shelved by call numbers, which are combinations of letters and numbers representing a subject. Books related to Education are in call number area L, for example:

LB1-LB9999 Educational Theory and Practice
LB1050.9-LB1091 Educational Psychology
LB1139.2-LB1139.5 Early Childhood Education
LB2300-LB2430 Higher Education
LC149-LC161 Literacy
LC189-LC214.53 Educational Sociology
LC3701-LC3740 Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language
LC5201-LC6660.4 Adult Education
LC5800-LC5808 Distance Education


Books related to Counseling can be found in various call number areas. These include BF (Psychology), HV (Social Pathology/Social Welfare/Criminology), L (Education), WM (Psychiatry). For example: 

BF636-BF637 Counseling Psychology
HV1551-HV3034 Assistance, People with Disabilities
LB1620 Counseling in Secondary Education
LB2343 Counseling in Higher Education
LC3969 Counseling in Special Education 
LC5225 Counseling in Adult Education 
WM400-WM460 Therapies