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Mediated Submission

At the moment, there is one way to submit material to KORA: Mediated Submission. The KORA team will then upload the work to KORA on the author/creator’s behalf.

The preferred file type for documents housed in KORA is Adobe Acrobat PDF.

When materials are submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf), KORA will automatically convert them to searchable PDF, retaining copies of the original for preservation purposes.

Submission Agreement

KORA will only add items with the author/creator's express written permission, and only where legally permitted.

In order to ensure this, we ask that you read and accept the terms of the KORA Submission Agreement during the online submission process.

Which version of your article/chapter are you allowed to submit to a repository?

This depends on your agreement with the publisher and we can help you look into this.

Journals almost always ask authors to transfer their copyright to the publisher. But even so, most publishers will allow some version of a journal article to be added to an institutional repository. Most commonly, this is the ‘postprint’ version, meaning the accepted manuscript which has been peer reviewed and edited, but not yet typeset for publication. KORA staff will check journal publishers’ standard copyright terms on your behalf.

If you’re curious about checking your publisher agreement, you can do a search in Sherpa / RoMEO for details on which version of your paper you are permitted to self-archive.