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Collection scope

KORA collects scholarly and creative materials created by the Kwantlen community, as well as important documents related to the university's history, which are made freely available to the public. Current collection efforts will focus on building up several core content areas:

  • Faculty and student scholarship (articles, presentations, multimedia)
  • Honours theses
  • Documentation of KPU-hosted conferences and events (papers, presentations, programs, videos, proceedings)
  • Grey literature (technical reports, research reports, working papers)
  • Digitized library collections

Other types of materials will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Items are added to KORA with the permission of the author/creator, and when permitted under Copyright law.

The KPU Library reserves the right to deny or remove materials not within the scope of the collection development guidelines.

For more info, please see the KORA Guidelines.

Who can contribute materials to KORA?

KORA includes work created by individuals or groups affiliated with a KPU department, program, research team, working group, collaborative project, or conference, such as:

  • KPU faculty, researchers, and staff
  • KPU faculties, departments, and schools
  • KPU research institutes
  • Undergraduate students with faculty sponsorship

Other University-affiliated entities will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more info, please see the KORA Guidelines.

Build your own collection

If your department or unit is interested in creating its own collection within KORA, and managing its content, please let us know!