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MLA Citation: Things in presentations?


I have to give a presentation for my English class. Do I still need to cite the sources I used? 

Yes, you do! It doesn't matter which format you use. Whether you submit an essay, give an oral presentation, give a presentation with PPT slides, create a video or a webpage, or create an output in any other format, you will always need to cite any sources from which you borrowed information. 

For an oral presentation (in person or in a live online class), you may want to mention the sources verbally and list them on a handout (which you can post to your Moodle site). 

For online presentations, you may want to include in-text references at the bottom of a slide or video and put the full citations in a reference list at the end. For a webpage, include in-text citations as usual, and put the list of references at the bottom of the page.