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MLA Citation: Social Media

Social Media

  • Use the name on the account in the Author element. But if an author’s online handle differs from the author’s account name, you might add the handle in brackets after the name.
  • Included here are social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Include the entire text of a social media post as the title, unless it is very long (in that case, use a portion that makes sense, then put ...)
  • Emojis do not need to be included in the citation, but if they are important, describe them in your write-up
  • if a post has no text, but only emojis or an image, describe the emoji or image in the works-cited list with your own words, with NO quotation marks around the description (see BTS example below)




Username of handle. "Full text of message." Social media platform, Day month year posted, time posted if available, URL.



KPULibrary. "Does your brain hurt from studying? Find our Exam BreakAwway tables at your campus library for a bit of mindless fun." Twitter, 4 Dec. 2019,  12:47 p.m., 



gretathunberg. "500'000 people marched in Madrid last night. This is the beginning of change! The world is slowly waking up to the climate and ecological crisis. Soon the people in power can no longer get away with ignoring the science. #cop25 #fridaysforfuture #climatestrike #schoolstrike4climate." Instagram, 7 Dec. 2019,



Kwantlen Student Association. "In preparation for the release of Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker we will be holding a Star Wars movie marathon in Grassroots Cafe. Be sure to join us and stand a chance to win a pair of movie tickets to catch the new Star Wars in Theaters on Friday, December 20th." Facebook, 2 Dec. 2019,


In text citation: ... (KPULibrary) ... (gretathunberg) ... (Kwantlen Student Association) ...The text of the tweet is a lone microphone emoji (@BTS_twt)