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MLA Citation: Web Sites & Web Pages

Web Sites & Web Pages

  • Whole web SITES are rarely cited; a citation should point to the individual web PAGE from which the information is taken
  • Author: if the author of the web page is a corporate author (corporation, association, public institution, etc.), then OMIT the author element to avoid redundancy; give the institution's name only in the publisher slot. However, if the web site name is basically the same as the author and the publisher, then omit both the author and the publisher (see World Health Organization example below)
  • Date: if no publication date is given, omit it from your citation; if you wish, you may include a date of access at the end, for example: Accessed 20 Mar. 2020.
  • URL: as always, omit http://, https:// (as long as the URL still works without these); some URLs will have www., some will not

Personal author last name, full given name(s) if available. "Title of the Page: Subtitle." Title of Web Site, Publisher of the Web Site (if different from author and title), Date, URL

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In text citation: ... (Smith) ... (Bruce) ... ("Universal Health Coverage")