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Equipment & Media Services

Featured Equipment of the Month


Digital Voice Recorder

Save a digital version of your lecture or meeting!

  • Record meetings or class lectures & save as WAV or MP3.                                           
  • You can transfer the file to your computer for future use.
  • Using a Digital Voice Recorder
  • No need to book, ask for one at our Equipment counter.


Welcome to Equipment & Media Services

Equipment and Media Services are located within the Library at each KPU campus.

Our services overview is outlined here and describes:

  • Library catalogue access to our DVD/video collection
  • acquisition and circulation of equipment
  • preview/listening areas for viewing DVDs and videos

All currently registered KPU students and KPU employees have access to equipment and media services.

Educational Use

The Library provides equipment for use by employees and students to support the education process and the activities of KPU.