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Covid Troubleshooting: Appointments - Pickup & Return

Appointments - Pickup & Return

Why not make the appointment link public?  We want to avoid people making appointments and showing up before they get an email confirming their item is ready for pickup.

All patrons receive an email with the appointment link when their KPU Card, hold, or equipment is ready for pickup.  They also receive the link when they get a courtesy email that they have to return their equipment.

  1. Confirm the person received a confirmation email.  Ideally, follow the procedures in the box below.
  2. Provide the appointment link if they received a confirmation email and no longer have it.

Scheduling an Appointment without the Confirmation Email SPRING 2021

If the person can't find the email with the link to the appointment schedule:

  1. Ask the patron the reason they are trying to schedule an appointment.
  2. If it is for KPU Card pickup:
    • Check the KPU Card box to ensure that the card is ready for pickup.
  3. For the borrowing or returning of material, open Display User in Workflows and confirm that they should have received a notification e.g.:
    • They have recently been issued a KPU card.
    • They have holds with a Status of Available.
    • They have a NOTE authorizing them to pick up equipment for the current semester e.g. laptop
    • They are registered in a class for which we are circulating equipment. e.g. PHYS, FINA, PSYC
    • They have equipment that they need to/want to return to the Library.
  4. Once you have confirmed that they should have received an email asking them to schedule an appointment you can direct them to directly. 
  5. If you cannot verify that they should have received an email to either pick up or return material, explain that the Library will contact them via their KPU email when it is time to schedule an appointment.
  6. Refer any further questions to the Borrowing and Fine Question form under Services on the Library website.