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Covid Troubleshooting: Reporting Problems

Safety Precautions

While physical distancing is in effect, staff will troubleshoot issues over the phone or while behind the acrylic screen at the Service Counter.

If the information on this page doesn't help you resolve the issue, report the issue here.  Note: Do not use Internet Explorer to access the form.

How to Report the Problem

Mission Critical

Systems are down, it's urgent. Call IT at 2116 to report directly. The Library Systems Team will automatically receive a copy of the job.

  • Internet is down
  • Workflows is down
  • Summon is down
  • All public printers on campus are down
  • All student workstations on campus are down
  • Teaching station in the lab is down and an orientation is pending
  • Consider 'no public printing available' as a mission critical when reporting after hours if all printers are taken down at the same time.

The IT Service Desk hours vary depending on the time of the semester. Please check IT hours before you make your call. Hours are at the bottom of the page.

  • Mission Critical issues are reported by phone directly to IT @ 2116.
  • Non Critical issues are reported using the IT form.

IT has a Service Level Agreement which you can viewed on Sharepoint:


Not Mission Critical

An individual problem with email, MS Office, phone/vmail issues, wireless, or your Wyse client? If yes, use the IT log the incident.

  • If you are unsure of what category your incident falls into, select "Report a General Problem".
  • USERNAME: is your shortname preceeded by kwt. (i.e.kwt\caroline)
    PASSWORD: your normal password for Kwantlen Systems.

The Library is not loaning equipment during COVID with these exceptions:

  • Teaching & Learning iPads, document cameras, and adjustable tables
  • Laptops for students
  • IOLabs & Physics kit

Further exceptions may be made for the Fall semester.  Do not make an exception regarding equipment loans. Refer any requests to the Library Borrowing and Fine Questions form.

  1. Service Counter staff are not required to troubleshoot or attempt repairs of equipment.
  2. Report malfunctioning equipment to AV.
  3. If  AV staff are not available, give the user another functioning piece of equipment.  Place an Out of Order sign on the malfunctioning equipment, complete the Malfunctioning Equipment Report Form below, and leave it on the AVT's desk or work area.  

Malfunctioning Equipment Report Form

Library Systems/Resources

Use the Reporting Library issues form to report problems related to:





ILL (form or specific request)





Library Website

Online Journals

RefAnalytics (Library stas & FAQs)

Study Rooms



Wireless - Report to AV




Got a workstation or equipment that is Out of Order?

  • Print an Out of Order sign and place it on the equipment.

Out of Order Sign