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Covid Troubleshooting: Application, Mouse, monitor, or keyboard stopped working

Application, monitor,keyboard, mouse stopped working

Ask Action/Response

What is the workstation ID?

What stopped working? eg: keyboard, mouse or an application?

Were they saving their work?

Application stop working?

  1. Ask the user to logon another station. Once logged back on their session will resume.
  2. No other stations available?  Refer user to auto logged on station.
  3. No Auto logged on station available? 
    • Suggest they use their own device and sign on the KPUSecureStudent Wifi.

Keyboard, mouse, monitor stopped working?

  1. Follow the steps above. 
  2. If no other station available and using their own device is not an option, ask them to:
  • Unplug the power cord from the Wyse box, wait a few seconds, plug power cord  back in. Power on the wyse box & try logging on.
  • Report the problem workstation to the AV Technician



Safety Precautions

While physical distancing is in effect, staff will troubleshoot issues over the phone or while behind the acrylic screen at the Service Counter.

If the information on this page doesn't help you resolve the issue, report the issue here.  Note: Do not use Internet Explorer to access the form.