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Covid Troubleshooting: Known Issues

Safety Precautions

While physical distancing is in effect, staff will troubleshoot issues over the phone or while behind the acrylic screen at the Service Counter.

If the information on this page doesn't help you resolve the issue, report the issue here.  Note: Do not use Internet Explorer to access the form.

Known Issues

Problem/error Action/Response

Citrix Login failed


  1. On student workstations, If you see the message "Citrix Login failed" under the login boxes the user won't be able to logon that station.
  2. Ask the user to try logging on another station until they get logged on. This problem is usually server related. The server running on each station rolls over randomly as students log off.  For this reason, the problem may affect stations running on the problem server but can also become widespread if more stations roll over to the problem server(s).
  3. Report the problem to the AV Technician for follow up.
User gets bumped back to login screen

If a student enters their credentials to logon a workstation and it appears to be logging on, but instead bumps  back to the login screen or doesn't login:

  1. If “Citrix login failed”  appears right under the login boxes, have the student try logging onto another station until they get logged on.
  2. If the the “Citrix login failed” message is not appearing below the login boxes, and  the student is bumped back to the login screen:
  • Get the name & student  number and  call the helpdesk @ 2116.
  • Tell the helpdesk person that you have a student that can’t logon and that it appears they may still  be connected to a previous session.  Can they check for any open session(s), and disconnect that session because the student can’t logon.
  • The helpdesk person will ask for their student number and name.  They’ll then confirm if there is a session connected and disconnect it. This  should only take a of couple minutes.
  • Once that previous session is disconnected, have the student logon.

Possible Cause

For whatever reason, the student logged off their previous session, but the system didn’t complete the log off. That session needs to be “killed” and only IT can do that.  This can become widespread so please report this problem to the AV Technician for follow up.


USB Devices

USB Devices, including some large capacity USB are not compatible with student Wyse clients. Refer user to a PC.