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Graphic Design for Marketing (GDMA)

Need a Librarian's Help?

We are here to help!

You can contact me directly with questions about research for your Design courses. Please send me an email: denise.dale <at>

Other ways to get help from a librarian include by phone, by email, by live chat: Ask A Librarian

You can access our research databases from off-campus if you are a Kwantlen student or employee.

  • Here is the login information you will need to use to access these online resources:
    • Students:
      username = student number
      password = same password used to register for classes online
    • Employees:
      username = assigned short name that you use to login to office computer
      password = same password used to login to office computers or access HR self services
  • You must have 'Cookies' enabled on your browser. This ensures that the system will recognize you throughout your session, and you won't have to login every time you search in a new database.

Things to check when you cannot access the article indexes:

  • Ensure you are using the correct username
  • Verify your password
  • Check your internet connection
  • Check your browser settings to ensure you are able to accept cookies


IT Help

Kwantlen offers on-campus wireless (Wi-Fi) network service to Kwantlen employees and currently-registered students. It is available in all internal locations on all campuses. Wi-Fi access is offered for Internet (Web surfing) and email access only.