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Faculty Newsletter from Coast Capital Savings Library at KPU

Library News For Instructors

Summer 2018

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News this summer

  • Get ready! Our library catalogue is getting a facelift later this summer. Expect some improvements in usability, efficiency, and aesthetic.
  • Now available: a Chicago citation quick guide by our resident citation expert, Ulrike Kestler, is now available on our Chicago Manual of Style subject guide! Click on 'Chicago Quick Guide' in the 'Chicago Online' box. As always, for more comprehensive guidance on citation styles, visit our online Citation Guides.  Keep it sustainable by encouraging students to visit online rather than print!

What's new at the library

New resources at the library

We have some exciting additions to our databases for your students!  

SimplyAnalytics is a powerful tool that allows users to search by location and visualize the data in various forms, including maps, charts and reports. Students can search for information such as income and language, but also see data pertaining to consumer behaviour, health, and more. And the mapped data doesn't just cover households--businesses are also included! There are over 75,000 different variables to explore. 

Statista is a robust statistic portal integrating over 80 000 topics from 21 market sectors and 18000 sources which includes scientific publications and government sources.  Statista provides access to current quantitative data on topics such as business, media/advertising, and emerging technologies and offers industry, country, and market reports. 

Credo Reference is a great tool for students to help gather background information and start their research.  It searches sources like encyclopedias and other reference titles and also provides images, audio files, and videos to help provide the searcher with the information they need to understand a topic. Here is a sample topic page on 'Iconography' to give you a taste of the capabilities of this resource.

Please note library databases are for academic use only. 

Plan your semester with these helpful library links

Helpful library links for the start of a new term 

Need library resources for your class this term? These links should help you navigate your needs. 

Book a Research Skills session

Help set up your students for success! You can contact the library to arrange for an instruction session to take place during your class time. We offer many different types of information literacy instruction including research methods for scholarly/peer reviewed journal articles, evaluating the difference between popular and scholarly online sources, and information on plagiarism and citation methods. 

Course Reserves

Do you have extra copies of your course text or want a copy available to your students? Place your textbook on course reserve at the library so your students can access it. We have various loan periods that can be applied to the loan, including 2 hours, 1 day, 2 week, and more.

For more information, read Placing Materials on Course Reserve (PDF) or visit Course Reserves.

Aren't those just for books?

DVDs, articles, and book chapters can all be put on course reserve. We can also place any items that are copyright cleared on e-reserve, like sample exams.

Reserve Equipment 

Need to book equipment for your classes or reserve a film? Our website will guide you through the request process and includes contact information if you need assistance.

What type of equipment does the library have?

Find a list, with photos and descriptions, of all the items available through our Equipment Services

Equipment circulation support

Tired of the hassle of tracking which student borrowed your department equipment?  Let the library do it for you!  We’re experts at loaning equipment and helping students manage their loans. 

Last semester, the library helped physics instructors circulate their set of IOLab devices--handheld, data-gathering instruments used to conduct experiments.  Instructors arranged the terms with us beforehand, told their students to come to the library to borrow, and we kept track of the devices! 

Interested in having us help manage your equipment loans to students?  Contact Ruth Mullane or Debbie Smith.

Give us feedback and contact us

Librarians and library employees are happy to assist you with your library and information needs. Don't know where to start? Want to know what resources are available for your subject area? Visit Ask a Librarian to contact us or view librarian reference hours.  

Tell us what you think!  We are always open to feedback on ways we can improve your experience at the library as well as your student's.

Follow us @kpulibrary and keep up-to-date on the library.