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Why it's important to cite your sources

To Cite or Not to Cite?

The following is a very brief explanation of what needs to be cited in your work. See the OWL at Purdue for full details on how to avoid plagiarism, and how to cite your sources. 

For full details on KPU's Academic Integrity Policy and APA citation style guide, see these links:

A few scenarios to consider:

Scenario 1:

You find a chemical structure on an open (free) website. You would like to include this diagram in your assignment. If you do include it, do you need to tell your reader where you found it? 


Scenario 2: 

You have completed a lab and are now preparing to write up the lab report, when you notice that you and your lab partner missed an entire step in the experiment. Your results are therefore wrong, and do not support your hypothesis. Your lab partner suggests that you make up your results and just continue as if you did the experiment correctly. Would this be a violation of KPU's academic integrity policy? If so, what would be the violation?


Scenario 3:

Your instructor offers you some information in an email that you want to include in the discussion section of your lab report. Do you need to indicate where the information came from? If so, how would you do this?


Citation generators

There are numerous, free, citation generators available on the Internet, as well as within some of the Library's subscription databases. Summon also has a citation tool. Always use such tools with a degree of caution; they often produce incomplete or incorrect citations. We encourage students to make use of these tools for convenience, but be certain to compare the generated citation against one of our own style guides. Ultimately, you are responsible for correctly citing the material referenced in your assignments.

The library has a discussion about citation generators here.


Zotero is a free browser tool that keeps track of your articles and webpages, and creates citations in several formats. Sign up for a free account, and your personal library will be accessible from any computer with an internet connection.