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KPU Library COVID-19 Response

We're Here To Help

We have answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

If you still need to contact us with any questions about the computers or equipment in the library:

Ask us through email, text, chat or phone

Computers and study space in the Library

Can I come to the library to use a computer and study?

Yes, visitors may use computers & printers to complete assignments or exams. We ask that all visitors adhere to KPU's COVID-19 policies while in the Library.

Library collections and public spaces, including student group study rooms, are once again accessible.

An appointment is no longer required at our Service Desk, so please ask our staff if you need help or have any questions while in the Library.

Paying for Printing

How do I load money on my card to print?

You may ask staff at our Service Desk, or add money to your PaperCut account yourself (to pay for printing or copying).

Loading money yourself requires being on campus and payment by credit card only. Temporary credit cards such as Visa gift cards are permitted, although you may need to register the card before using it. Self-serve instructions are below.

1. Using Library computers
  1. Double click the Papercut icon on the computer desktop (if you can’t find the icon go to and use your KPU login).
  2. From the left hand menu choose Add Credit.
  3. In the Amount to add field choose an amount from the drop down list. Online deposits are limited to: $1, $2, $5, $10, $15 and $20.
  4. Click on Add value.
  5. Fill out the Payment Details screen and click on Process Transaction.
2. Using your laptop or mobile device
  1. Connect to the KPUSecureStudent wireless network.
  2. Log into your student printing account at
  3. Follow steps b) through e) above.


For prices and print/copy/scan instructions go to


Can I still access KPU Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available throughout KPU campuses.

The IT Department has also increased Wi-Fi accessibility in outdoor areas, so students can remain in their cars, or have increased space for physical distancing outdoors, while online.

KPU Wi-Fi now extends to these campus parking areas:

  • the KPU Richmond north underground lot
  • the lot behind the KPU Surrey Bookstore
  • the lot behind the KPU Langley South building

Employees, students and guests/visitors can find more information about wireless access on campus, including maps, from this page of the IT Department's website.

Group Study Rooms

Are the group study rooms still open?

The group study rooms are available as of September 7. To book a group study room, visit Study Rooms.  

Students should be able to find tables, study carrels, and/or comfortable seating areas open to use at all campus libraries. We ask that all visitors adhere to KPU's COVID-19 policies while in the Library.