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KPU Library COVID-19 Response

KPU Card Issuance

Apply for your KPU Card Online 

To get your KPU Card:

  1. Apply online using the KPU Card Submission Form on The KPU Card.
  2. Wait for an email from the Library that states your card is ready to pick up.
  3. Visit Service Desk at the campus library you selected anytime during Library open hours. Don't forget to bring government issued photo ID. 

Please adhere to KPU's COVID-19 policies while in our spaces. 

KPU Card Information

The purpose of a KPU Card is for identification, borrowing physical items from the library’s collections (like books or a student laptop), and tap access for printing and photocopying. If you have a U-Pass, you are advised here to have a student card as proof of student ID. Some instructors require student ID during exams, so be sure to ask your instructor ahead of time. But plan ahead: the process can take days.

The submission process to apply for your KPU Card is online. Once you receive confirmation that your KPU Card is ready, you will have to pick up your card from one of our library locations. We cannot mail you your card, nor can we issue an e-version. The process is the same for both students and employees. 

If you are a new student, you can apply for your KPU Card one month before your class start date.

Government issued photo ID will be required when picking up your card. If the photo submitted for your KPU card does not match your government issued photo ID, the Library reserves the right to refuse to issue the card.

KPU employees may need to make arrangements to visit to campus before picking up their card, as outlined in KPU's COVID-19 Response.

Please read this important information about KPU's Personal Information Collection Guidelines.

While the library processes KPU Cards as soon as we can, this procedure takes time, so please plan ahead! We thank you for your patience.

Paying for Printing

How do I load money on my card to print?

You may ask staff at our Service Desk, or add money to your PaperCut account yourself (to pay for printing or copying).

Loading money yourself requires being on campus and payment by credit card only. Temporary credit cards such as Visa gift cards are permitted, although you may need to register the card before using it. Self-serve instructions are below.

1. Using Library computers
  1. Double click the Papercut icon on the computer desktop (if you can’t find the icon go to and use your KPU login).
  2. From the left hand menu choose Add Credit.
  3. In the Amount to add field choose an amount from the drop down list. Online deposits are limited to: $1, $2, $5, $10, $15 and $20.
  4. Click on Add value.
  5. Fill out the Payment Details screen and click on Process Transaction.
2. Using your laptop or mobile device
  1. Connect to the KPUSecureStudent wireless network.
  2. Log into your student printing account at
  3. Follow steps b) through e) above.


For prices and print/copy/scan instructions go to

Community Borrowers

Can I get a Community Borrower or Alumni card?

Yes, KPU Library is now issuing Community Borrower and Alumni cards and our libraries are open to the public. We ask that you adhere to University pandemic procedures and policies while in our spaces, which includes wearing masks.

Visit Members of the Community for more information on the Community Borrower card.

Borrowing from other academic institutions

I'm a KPU student and I want to borrow books from another academic institution. Can I? 

No. Due to COVID, KPU Library is not currently issuing new cards or lending library material in-person to users other than KPU students and staff. We are also not issuing COPPUL/CPSLD cards to any user. Most other academic institutions have also suspended their borrowing to users outside of their students and employees. This means that as a KPU student, you currently cannot visit other academic libraries in person and browse and borrow material. Likewise, community and other external users cannot borrow in-person at KPU Library.  

However, KPU students and employees can request library material from other academic institutions through our Interlibrary Loan service. You can request books, articles and thesis. Visit Interlibrary Loans for full details.