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Resources for your research in horticutlure

Library Catalogue - Finding items @KPU

Search our Library catalogue for books/ebooks, videos and DVDs.

Browse for Books

If you'd prefer to browse our print books, keep these call number ranges in mind when searching the stacks.

QH 540-541.5: Ecology
QK 5-495: Plant Biology, Botany, Botanical Names, Plant ID
S 1-954: Agriculture
S 590-599.9 / S 622-627: Soils and Soil Conservation
SB 1-124: Plant Culture, Seeds, Propagation
SB 317.5-319: Horticulture
SB 320-413: Gardening, Garden Plants
SB 415-416: Greenhouse Production
SB 423-434: Annuals, Bulbs
SB 433: Turfgrass Management
SB 434: Perennials
SB 435: Trees, Shrubs
SB 438-457: Natural Gardening, Organic Gardening, Gardening
SB 457.3: Garden and Landscape Design
SB 599-990.5: Diseases, Pests, Pesticides
TH 375-5313: Landscape Construction, Hardscaping

Books in the library are assigned subjects, and these are searchable in the catalogue. Think of a subject heading as a "tag".